REGAME --Real Escape Game Online--

My journey with Real Escape Game started out with playing one particular online room-escape game called Crimson Room.
The game was logical, simple, and stimulating; it was the very game that I’d been looking for.

Getting inspired, I started organizing Real Escape Game to share the excitement of solving mysteries not online but in real settings.
Since then, Real Escape Game has been held in various places around the world: rooms in apartments, amusement parks, baseball stadiums, and so forth.

Along the way, Real Escape Game has added a unique element to online room-escape games: solving a mystery, working together with friends, and sharing the enthusiasm with all the other participants in a limited time frame.

One night, I hit upon an idea.
What if a game that had been born online and evolved in the real world went back online?

And I fancied that something extraordinary, marvelous, and phenomenal could happen when a mystery was revealed to the whole world all at the same time.
With the aim of restructuring, reproducing, and recreating the whole gaming experience, I named this online event “REGAME.”

May the joy of solving mysteries spread around the world.
I hereby announce the launch of REGAME.

Takao Kato, founder of SCRAP Co.